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If you own a Mantel Shelf or Fireplace Surround you can add a breath of fresh air to a room can be as easy as revamping your fireplace mantel décor. Even if you don't have a fireplace you can add a floating mantel as a focal point or an accent. Simply find a mantel that you like and install it according to the manufacturer's instructions. Then comes the fun part: adding a bit of your personality to your fireplace mantel by either adding Fireplace Accessories, Fireplace Tools or Fireplace Screen.

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Ideas for Decorating a Mantel

Whether you have a wood-burning, gas, Gel Fuel Fireplaces or electric fireplace, these ideas can inspire you:
  • Pick a Theme - Your fireplace mantel décor should blend with the rest of your room. If you pick colors that will stand out, stay in the same color tone as your current decorations. Pick pieces that complement the style of the room, whether it is a contemporary, rustic, or modern design. You can start by a variety Screen Styles: Traditional Screens, Transitional Screens, Contemporary Screens, Scenic Screens, or Antique Screens

  • Start from the Bottom Up - Fabric or lace accents add romance when draped on your mantel. Be sure not to hang your drape too low, as it may burn or catch fire. There are also Hearth Rugs which complete the focal point.

  • Use Symmetry - Fireplace mantel décor has changed from the days when you needed two matching vases to create symmetry. Try balancing with color, shapes, or sizes; for example, balance a vase with candles of similar height at either end of the mantel.

  • Try Layering - You don't want your mantel to look cluttered, but by using items of different heights and shapes you can create texture and depth. You can quickly add appeal and functionality with a Fireplace Tool Set, Andirons, Fireplace Bellows, Log Racks, or Fireplace Kettles.

  • Prop Up Art - Instead of hanging mirrors or art, try propping them against the mantel for more casual, interesting fireplace mantel décor. You can find pieces such as a Cathedral Oak Match Holder, Creede Solid Brass Match Holder with Striker and Copper Band or even a cute Fido Cast Iron Dog Boot Scraper; All of these items add flare and unique character.

  • Use Nature - Driftwood, shells, pressed leaves, and dried flowers can give you striking fireplace mantel décor look for less.

  • Back to Basics - A mantel clock is always the traditional option if you're having trouble with your fireplace mantel décor.

Take this into consideration. We all want to create a room where not only is it comforting to spend time in but also have a certain environment of luxury and grace. The mantel is a great way to start and begin as a focal point. How do you creating this oasis?

Please keep these three additional points in mind:

1. Placement: Think about what pieces you are going to use and keep semyntry off your mind! You don't have to make each side equal, but you do have to make each piece count. Make sure that when you are placing an item it is optomized for use and appearance and not place for optimization of space.

2. Balance: Balance is not symentry, to balance a room means to use an equal amount elements, textures and tones. You want to create a plethora of sights, items, comforts. This does not me clutter, it means balance.

3. Harmony: Points 1 and 2 all end up in harmony. You have to keep in mind that harmony creates the ambience needed to make a relaxing enviroment. A rich looking room is as functional as how much time you spend in it. Chances are if the room is pleasing to the eye it will also be relaxing enough to spend time in it. Place items in the room that you find comfort in. Throw rugs, candle, materials and aromas all complete the "Whole Picture".

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Mantel decorating can give you the opportunity to add your personality to any room with a fireplace. By experimenting and looking for unusual touches to complement the rest of your room, you're sure to come up with an arrangement that is not only the focal point of the room, but a reflection of who you are.

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