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Electrical Fireplaces Light Wood Under 50 Inches
Gel Fuel Fireplaces Medium wood Over 50 Inches
Corner Fireplaces Dark Wood
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Electric or

Gel Fuel?

Buy an electric fireplace to:

Generate heat by electricity

Heat a smaller room
(4500 BTUs of heat)

Have No Cleanup

Adjust your fire by remote control

Generate heat by fuel canisters

Heat larger rooms
(9000 BTUs of heat)

Experience Real Flame Crackle

Place Anywhere, no outlet required

Read what some of our customers have said:

“I had the best experience with you when I reached customer service! Your rep explained the main difference between an electric or gel fireplaces and made my decision much more easier to make! I just got my electric fireplace, it was the right one! Thanks!”

- Donna, Richmond, OH

“The gel fuel fireplace I got is perfect guys. It fits perfectly in the corner, and my wife can’t get over how easy it was to install and enjoy. Great purchase.”
- Chuck, Winerset, IA

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