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Barga Wrought Iron Medium Fireplace Screen S-1504

Regular Price: $211.00
Our Price: $156.99

Carballo Bronze Fireplace Screen S-1667

Regular Price: $149.00
Our Price: $137.99

Carnota Bronze Fireplace Screen S-1658

Regular Price: $254.00
Our Price: $186.99

Castelli Wrought Iron Fireplace Screen

Regular Price: $151.00
Our Price: $129.99

Cetona Wrought Iron Large Fireplace Screen S-1505

Regular Price: $224.00
Our Price: $168.99

Donato Large Wrought Iron Fireplace Screen S-1028

Regular Price: $139.00
Our Price: $121.99

Donato Medium Wrought Iron Fireplace Screen S-1127

Regular Price: $130.00
Our Price: $114.99

Laguna Wrought Iron Fireplace Screen S-1042

Regular Price: $142.00
Our Price: $129.99

Logrono Wrought Iron Fireplace Screen S-1060

Regular Price: $122.00
Our Price: $105.99

Nouveau Pewter Fireplace Screen S-1613

Regular Price: $182.00
Our Price: $156.99

Pantano Oversized Triple Plated Black Fireplace Screen S-1519

Regular Price: $103.00
Our Price: $98.99

Paolo Triple Plated Black Fireplace Screen S31030BK

Regular Price: $94.00
Our Price: $76.99

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Fireplace Screens

Follow these simple steps for the perfect fireplace screen purchase!

1. Measure
Make sure your mantel is centered above your firebox.

2. Choose
Do you want a single-panel that will fit flat or a multi-panel screen that will curve around the fireplace opening

3. Select
Choose a mesh screen to protect against and sparks and maximum heat or a glass screen to protect the best against sparks but less heat circulation.

4. Pick
Select a style that compliments your room’s decor. Is it contemporary, antique or traditional?

5. Handles or No Handles?

If you like to adjust your fire logs a lot – get a screen with grips!

Read what some of our customers have said:

“I really liked a number of your items on here! So I went with one screen for us (me and my wife) and bought another one for my sister. We all love ‘em! Thanks”
- Tom, Lexington NE

“My screen looks just perfect in my den, it goes with everything so well, you’d think it came with the house. Thank you for a great purchase!”
- Melissa, St. James, MN

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