The Grizzly Natural Log Style Mantel Shelf

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The Grizzly Natural Log Style Mantel Shelf

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The Grizzly Natural Log Style Mantel Shelf will bring a true sense of the outdoors into your home. The natural shape and character of the wood is evident in each one-of-a-kind piece cut from solid Walnut. Walnut is dense, often used in cabinetry and a rich brown in color.. The picture shown is a photo of the style of mantel you will receive although your specific shelf will be a true original, arriving with unique markings, knots, splits and of course, an unmatched shape. This solid wood fireplace mantel shelf is available in your choice of 60 or 72 inches long. Please note, due to the natural style of these shelves, the shelf width will vary between 8 and 11 inches depending on the original log. See below for more information.

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Dimensions: 60 - 72L x 8 - 10W x 3.5H (inches)
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Solid Rustic Log Mantel Shelf

This is a natural rustic log mantel shelf cut from a solid log. The image included above shows an actual mantel but every mantel is unique so your mantel will vary from the one pictured.

How Are They Made?

The solid mantel shelves come in three varieties of wood: Basswood, Butternut and Walnut.

  • Basswood is the lightest in both weight and color with a subtle grain. It makes an interesting mantel showing a variety of streaks and other markings.
  • Butternut has a more medium brown color with a richer and more obvious grain. It is still a lightweight wood and is often chosen as a match for oak woodwork because it’s rich grain is similar.
  • Walnut is a dark brown wood that many decorators choose for furniture and cabinets. It is stable type of wood making a good mantel but it is heavier than the other species.
They are rough sawn from a solid log to about 4 inches thick, air dried for months and then kiln dried to remove excess moisture and stabilize the wood to prevent future splitting, cracking or warping.

After drying the mantels are finished further by planing the surface to bring out the natural grain of the wood and to achieve a finished thickness of 3 ½ inches with a flat top, bottom and back surfaces. The front of the mantel will usually be somewhat irregular depending on the original log but the top surface will be a flat surface.

Since these mantels are cut from a single log and are not manufactured, they retain all the natural elements of the original tree. These include knots, rings, streaks, cracks and color variations. In short, these are truly “rustic mantel shelves.”

Mantel Style

The front of the mantel can be finished in one of four styles: Natural, Draw Knife, Carved and Square.

  • Natural, as the name implies, is the natural face of the wood with only the bark removed. This is the most popular style.
  • Draw Knife is the natural face with a curved blade drawn over it to smooth some of the irregularities.
  • Carved style is carved with tools to clean up and embellish the natural shape of the wood.
  • Square style has the front surface of the mantel squared off and finished like the top and bottom.


Because every mantel is cut from a different tree, every mantel is different. The images on our website show actual pictures of real mantels but your mantel will vary from the image. Some will show knots, rings, streaks, cracks and color variations. They will be the species of wood you choose but the color can vary naturally within the species. The thickness of the mantels will be reasonably consistent at 3 ½ inches. The length will be 60 inches (5 feet) or 72 inches (6 feet) depending on which length you order. The width of the mantel shelf will typically vary between 8 and 10 inches depending on the original log.


These solid wood rustic mantel shelves arrive un-sanded and unfinished. They are planed to make them smooth and bring out the natural grain but they are not fine-sanded. They can be sanded and stained as desired or sealed in polyurethane. Many customers leave the mantels unfinished to complete the rustic look although they may be somewhat easier to clean when stained or sealed.


The installation for the Log Style Mantels is different from the other mantels on our site. Please look over the special instructions for installing solid log mantel shelves before making your final decision.

Solid Wood Log Style Mantel Shelf

We are very happy to bring these truly natural log style solid wood mantel shelves to you. We have received requests for years from homeowners desiring this rustic and natural addition to their homes. They may not be for everyone but they are wonderful for anyone looking for a high quality solid wood log style rustic mantel shelf.

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